Arhiva članaka

Advocating the establishment of a new world order as a response to the crises rising from the current dated economic model, Croatian President Stjepan Mesic gave his farewell speech at the 64th session of the UN General Assembly in New York on Thursday.

He also advocated multilateralism, dialogue and disarmament in the interest of peace, security and development.

During his last participation in an annual session of the UN General Assembly, given that his second presidential term is about to expire, Mesic contributed to the debate on an efficient response to the global crisis, strengthening of multilateralism and dialogue among civilisations in the interest of international peace, security and development.

The Croatian president advocated resisting discrimination and intolerance, as well as the promotion of multilateralism and dialogue among civilisations.

Mesic stressed "the world has come out of a potentially very dangerous period of unipolarism and it's on its way to multipolarism," alluding to progress in balance of power in the world.

Mesic stressed that "a world characterised by international peace, security and development cannot happen without disarmament, particularly not without giving up on nuclear weapons," which was the topic of the session of the UN Security Council, held earlier on Thursday.

The Croatian head of state stressed that global development issues would be reduced if enormous amounts spent on weapons would be re-allocated to development.

"A huge task is ahead of us. Let us show courage and political will to deal (with this issue). Croatia, although a small country, is prepared to give its contribution," said Mesic.